ISP: Catholic Coloring Book

On today's show: McCain's MTV moment; a coloring book to combat sex abuse; and the demise of pay phones.

Has the media made too much of John McCain's age in this election? He is currently 71. If he were to win, he would be the oldest person ever inaugurated as a first term U.S. President.

He is not, however, the oldest of the contenders right now. The much-discussed Texas congressman Ron Paul is 72, and former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel is 77. Of course, the focus in the media tends to be on frontrunners or "top-tier" candidates, and among those folks, McCain is the senior player.

But it's not like all the other options are spring chickens, right? At age 65, Fred Thompson isn't necessarily rushing to the touch football photo ops, and at 63, Rudy Giuliani is a survivor of prostate cancer.

On today's show we included a clip of Sen. McCain at a recent MTV "youth vote" event. Admittedly, he seems uncomfortable and perhaps a bit out of place. But in a room filled with teenagers and standing next to a hipster host in blue jeans, who wouldn't be?

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