ISP: Beauty Pageant Prank

On today's show: An unstoppable beauty queen; anti-wedgie underwear; and a duck calling contest.

Kudos to Miss Puerto Rico, Ingrid Marie Rivera. Not only is pretty, she's got some chutzpah. Investigators are now trying to determine who laced her makeup and gown with pepper spray, an act that could have kept a lesser woman down! Not Miss Puerto Rico. She competed anyway, hives and all, and won the crown. We'll see her at the Miss Universe contest in 2008.

Sen. Trent Lott said today that he'll be stepping down from Congress after an impressive 34 year run. He's definitely been a lightning rod through the years, most notably for a comment he made about Strom Thurmond in 2002 which ultimately led to his resignation as Senate Majority Leader.

I had some fun today on the show with the more colorful photo opportunities Lott has had. We've seen him dressed up as a biker, a construction worker, even a denim-clad cowboy. He's almost all the Village People rolled into one!

The real battle now won't be over who replaces him in Mississippi, but who gets the Minority Whip spot. It will be interesting to watch.