Is Samsung coming out with a smartphone that folds in half?

Screenshot: Samsung via YouTube

It could be the flip phone for the smartphone generation.

According to Samsung rumor blog, Samsung is readying to release its first smartphone with a foldable screen in January.

Samsung, which released the first phone with a display that curves on both sides, the Galaxy S6 Edge, in March, showed off a prototype for a phone that opens into a tablet in 2013. As you can see in the (oddly suggestive) promo video below, the fold-a-phablet concept device hinges in the middle, giving it the screen of a tablet with the profile of a regular-sized phone.

SamMobile reports that a source in China "who claims to have in-depth knowledge and an early scoop on Project Valley," the codename for Samsung's foldable phone project, said it is "currently undergoing testing" and is heading for a January 2016 is launch.

The site posits, however, that it could be released only in South Korea.

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