iPhone Unveiled

(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)
News out of San Francisco rocked the gadget world today when Apple's black-turtle-neck-and-jeans billionaire leader Steve Jobs announced the long-rumored iPhone. It combines elements of a video iPod (with a larger screen), a cell phone, and Internet features. It distinguishes itself from other all-in-one devices thanks to the iPhone's touchscreen. (No buttons or stylus included.) It won't be released until June, and it starts at $499. We'll have to see how it stacks up against the existing smartphones on the market, but with the success of the iPod you can't discount the power of Apple. For more, check out the report I filed for the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. While I wasn't able to attend MacWorld where Jobs made the announcement, we covered the story from here at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It actually allowed us to interview the folks here and gauge some of the techie reaction to the iPhone. Overall, people were probably more excited than dismissive, but somewhat mixed. And if you're wondering how we make it all work from a distance it's really a team effort. The producer here, Karen Raffensperger, has been on the phone so much she's off charging her battery right now. (After fighting our way around the Las Vegas Convention Center for three days I think we all need our batteries recharged in some form.) She coordinates getting video from our San Francisco bureau as well as any additional material from New York or Los Angeles. Cameraman Max Stacy and sound technician John Weiser have been running/driving all over the city getting interviews and extra footage (called b-roll) for both CES stuff and other pieces I hope to tell you more about soon. Check back Monday afternoon when I'll have a very interesting story.

We'll try to spot a few more shiny objects here at CES (be sure to check out CBS tech analyst Larry Magid's reports, too), and maybe we'll get some story ideas for when I'm back in New York. That's if we can survive the food lines and crowds for too much longer!