IPhone Kvetching

iPHONE KVETCHING....OK, I gotta ask: I know the iPhone is very cool, but doesn't it bother all the iPhone-aniacs out there that the actual voice quality of an iPhone sucks because AT&T has a sucky cell network? I was reminded of this once again last week when a friend of mine with AT&T service happened to use my Verizon phone and was astonished at how good the voice quality was.

Of course, I suppose this varies by location, and most of the iPhone blogging I read comes from Washington D.C. Is AT&T service better in the District than in other places? Or what?

Anyway, it just seems like this would be a bigger deal to people. I don't like talking on cell phones all that much to begin with, and it drives me crazy whenever I have to talk to someone with AT&T service. It's like talking through a tin can phone. All the cool features in the world can't make up for that.