iPhone 2.0, Firefox 3.0, Webbys 12.0

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since people lined up around the country for the original iPhone. Of course, in the end it made no difference whether you spent a week without a shower sleeping on a lawnchair on 5th Avenue or dropped by an Apple store three hours after the official launch -- everyone who wanted one managed to buy one. Steady if not overwhelming interest has remained, with Apple reportedly selling more than 4 million iPhones worldwide.

And now comes the expectation that CEO Steve Jobs will use his appearance at the Apple Worldwide Developers' Conference on Monday in San Francisco to unveil the next generation. Call it iPhone 2.0. What's in store? Lots of speculation about 3G (much faster data), a GPS chip for navigation, and even a possible video camera. What else? Well, we won't know for sure until Jobs opens his mouth, but that hasn't stopped us from putting together a story about what he MIGHT say for Monday's CBS Early Show. I'll also be attending the conference in San Francisco and will report live on Tuesday morning with all the details.
This week I had the chance to talk to Mike Beltzner, a self-described "phenomenologist" with Mozilla Foundation, the group behind the increasingly popular Firefox browser. You can listen to the radio interview for SciEye as he talks about the next version of Firefox expected this month, the company's approach to intellectual property, and where browsers are headed in the future.

Finally, I'll be attending the 12th annual Webby Awards next week in NY and will be live on the Early Show on Wednesday with a selection of winners. It's always an entertaining and quirky gathering, and the five-word acceptance speeches are often a highlight.

In the spirit of the Webbys: until next time, stay connected!