iPad 3 release date rumors after Best Buy knocks $50 off iPad 2


(CBS) - Speculation heats up as retailers like Best Buy drop the price on Apple iPad 2s.

If you're looking for a deal on the iPad 2 and can't wait for Apple to announce the next iPad, you can now grab a 16 gigabyte model for about $449.99. FYI, the iPad 2 usually retails for $499.99. The 32 GB model has also been discounted by $50.

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It's widely accepted that Apple products don't go on sale often, so a price drop seems like a blatant hint that the iPad 3 is on its way.

We've been reporting on iPad rumors non-stop and so far most technology journalists agree a March 7 iPad 3 event is imminent. Retina Display is also an anticipated feature.

Previous rumorsover the iPad 3's release date include a note by Citi analyst Richard Gardner saying the tablet would come out in February, which was reported by Business Insider.

Another prediction came from the Chinese-language newspaper Economic Daily News, which claimed the iPad 3 would be launched in March or the middle of the first quarter. There are also rumors that a 7-inch version is also on its way.