Invest A Little, Get A Lot

(CBS / Daniel Sieberg)
Regular readers of this blog will know that producer Jack Renaud and I recently traveled to Lima, Peru, as part of a story on micro-finance operations like and

We "followed the money" as a young man in Harlem, NY, invested in poor female entrepreneurs there.

Tonight we'll introduce you to one of the women who's benefiting from his generosity, and the twist -- he's actually getting a 3 percent return on his investment. (It's not a donation since he gets his loan paid back with the additional 3 percent.) It's an idea that's gaining momentum as traditional banks lose some of their luster as a place to put your money.

Plus, you get that (priceless) warm and fuzzy feeling. I hope you'll watch the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric as we explore this idea and try to connect the dots. You could say we're trying to go the extra (3,600) miles to illustrate a bright spot in this difficult economy.