Instagram Tinybooks makes us go "aww"


(CBS) - Although Instagram hit the scene after the trend-setting Hipstamatic, the popular mobile app has a serious cult following.

We can admit that we are guilty of taking hundreds of retro photos in our day. And now we have gigabytes full of photos taking up space on our devices. If you're like us and have already forgotten half of the pics we've snapped, it might be time to find some use for our "art."

We stumbled upon a printing service called Printstagram that makes adorable little books, called Tinybooks, out of your Instagram photos. Now those works of art can finally see the light of day.

These miniature books made us go "aww," like we would over two kittens in a tea cup.

Of course, Printstagram doesn't just print books. Mobile photographers can also print stickers and posters. The company that created the service, Social Print Studios, is also responsible for Instagrid.

The website creates a web gallery of all your Instagram photos and creates a URL with your user name. It's neat to see software built to beautify our lives.