Inside World's Largest Corp.Training Ctr.

What may look like an odd combination of an American College campus and Disney World – is actually the largest corporate training center in the world. CBS News is the first American television network to get inside.

The Global Education Center in Mysore, India was built by the information technology giant Infosys– with the goal of producing the world's best workforce.

Infosys Website

The program is modeled after the training regimes that were once common at American companies but have been cast aside by US firms over the past twenty years due to cost-cutting.

For more on this story, check out Where America Stands, on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, tonight.

The trainees, or "freshers," study at Mysore for 6 months before Infosys assigns them. Securing a position at Infosys is more competitive than getting into Harvard. Last year the company had more than 1.3 million applicants. Just 1 percent were hired. Harvard College, by comparison, accepted 9 percent of applicants.

In India, companies are not just producing products – they are producing people. And those people are will compete directly with American workers.

Infosys CEO Kris Gopalakrisnan gave us an exclusive explanation of the Infosys approach.

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