Inside the deluge of Syrian refugees

JORDAN -- Along with Turkey, Jordan is bursting at the seams with Syrian refugees. More than 618,000 have crossed into Jordan since the Syrian civil war broke out three years ago.

The map said, "no man's land." Along the border of Jordan and Syria, the Jordanian military there were war refugees. But considering the wasteland it seemed more likely the map was right -- who could survive here?

But after several hours the were foud, pouring over the land like a flash flood. With 300 miles behind them, these Syrian families made their final steps through a war that nearly killed them and a desert that could have finished the job.

There was a berm that marks the border between Syria and Jordan. The refugees that we ran into were coming across the top of the berm and turning themselves in to the safety of Jordanian border officers here. More than a million have crossed into Jordan so far during the three year civil war in Syria.

Preview: War and hunger

They had been farmers, shopkeepers, and office workers -- now they shared one occupation: saving the children with matted hair and faces covered in ten days of misery.

  • Scott Pelley

    Correspondent, "60 Minutes"