​Inside Grey Gardens

Parting the curtains at Grey Gardens 04:50

"I walked in the entrance hallway and I said, 'This is the most beautiful house I've ever seen,' And Little Edie said, 'It's yours,'" recalled journalist Sally Quinn. She and her late husband, Ben Bradlee, the famed editor of The Washington Post, bought the house for $220,000 in 1979, with the agreement that they would not tear it down.

"The back of the house was flapping in the wind," Quinn said. "I walked over to the piano and I sort of went dink dink dink, and the whole piano collapsed!"

The restored Grey Gardens. CBS News

The home -- even that bedroom the two Edies shared -- has been restored back to its 1920s glory.

"In order to get rid of the cat smell, we had to tear out the floors and the walls," said Quinn.

Not far down the road, at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor, another production of "Grey Gardens: The Musical" is in rehearsals -- more proof the story lives on.

As for Little Edie, she died in 2002, after finally leaving the Hamptons for Florida.

But inside the home that will forever bear the Grey Gardens name, some say the walls still speak of the two who would never leave.

A view of the restored Grey Gardens. CBS News

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