Innovative and experimental music with a dash of "wow"

(CBS News) Let's shift gears now from super cute music reviews to innovative and experimental music projects. We start off with sound designer and composer Diego Stocco, who has been featured here on The Feed a few times, performing a symphony of sound that will have you looking at nature in a whole new way. Go ahead and take a look and listen.

The video was done in honor of the upcoming Earth Day by Burt's Bees who write about it:

To celebrate Earth Day, we collaborated with composer Diego Stocco to create an all-natural musical experience. All the sounds you hear in this piece were created real-time using instruments provided by Mother Nature herself. The same ingredients that are instrumental in making the Burt's Bees products you love to love. So take two minutes out of your day to pause, reflect, and probably even shimmy. Because Earth Day just got a whole lot groovy-er.

And below we move from experimental music to an experiment in music presented by eMusic featuring Porcelain Raft that has unsuspecting New Yorkers suddenly encountering sidewalks of sound. Confused?  Just watch and it will start to make sense. 

Both are very cool ways of exploring the nature of music in unlikely places. And if you'd like to check out more work by Diego Stocco, you can visit his website by clicking here and for more from eMusic, you can go to their website by clicking here.