Very young rock journalist conducts interview like a pro

(CBS News) Move over Rolling Stone and Spin magazine. A new music journalist is on the scene and she's got something in spades that neither of you can touch: cuteness! Check out this 7-year-old girl named Emy interview Ryan Jarman from the band The Cribs

I particularly like how she was able to get Jarman comfortable during the interview with some bouncy castle and slides. Smart. Very smart. The YouTube video was created by Noisey who writes:

7-year-old Emy is our new star reporter. After she reviewed the Cribs for us, singer Ryan Jarman wanted to meet up and pick her brain - we set up a playdate at the kid mecca of North London, Clown Town.

In case you're curious to see Emy's original review of The Cribs, I've made sure to include it below. And to check out more videos from Noisey, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.