Innovation on the Road

How much time to you spend on the road? At airports? On planes? How can you best utilise the time to be more innovative?

There are some real opportunities while sitting on a plane. Take it from me --- this month I travelled to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, South Africa, Bahrain and am currently in New Zealand running workshops. This non-stop travel has brought to mind some great ways to make use of all that transit time:

  • Read widely and see how other cities/countries approach things. External stimulation and awareness will help you develop new and interesting ideas.
  • While on the plane, focus on one key project and/or take stock of what you have achieved and what you need to do in the short term.
  • Work on the way to your destination, relax on the way back --- you deserve it.
  • Meditate/close your eyes and relax during take off and landing to centre yourself and prepare for what's up ahead.
An while I'm at it, here are some practical tips:
  • Buy an extra battery for your laptop to give you double the power.
  • Keep your power cords and skype headphones in a laundry bag for delicates --- the white one with large holes works well. No tangled cords: magic!
  • And finally, when you can, switch off the technology, close your eyes and just chill.
What travel tips would you recommend?