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Incredible and fascinating "bamboo train" in Cambodia

(CBS) -So I posted just a bit ago about youths engaging in the dangerous practice of "train surfing" in India.

Keeping in line with the theme of trains and taking the danger down a notch (though this does still carry some obvious dangers), I present to you a Vimeo clip showing homemade "bamboo trains" in Cambodia.

The visual imagery of people riding on these "train" is both fascinating and beautiful. And you can actually watch how one of these makeshift trains is assembled at about 3:48 into the clip.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the workings of the engine to propel the "bamboo trains" forward and brakes to stop it, so if you happen to know or understand the process, definitely feel free to leave me a comment below explaining.

UPDATE: We ask, and you deliver. Commenter marine1957 below has kindly given an excellent explanation of how these trains work. Thank you very much, marine1957!