Florida students take on impeachment debate with patience and civility

Students take on impeachment debate with civility

Davenport, Florida — Tracey Downey's Advanced Placement U.S. history class is discussing President Trump's impeachment. The students at Ridge Community High School outside Orlando are in a county the president won in 2016.

"I think this may be a political hit for impeachment because he's not going to get removed," one student said.

"But you could argue that by-- by us not going ahead with it just because we don't think it'll pass in the Senate,  that, if you have the support of the Senate behind you, then you can do whatever you want," student Kaleah Sanchez said.

Unlike some in Washington, there's no name-calling or grandstanding. Instead there's patience and civility. Downey told her students it's OK for them to differ in their opinions.

"I think we have to start having conversations with people like they are people. We have to stop treating people like they are just a political party," Sanchez said.

It's an important lesson for us all.