Iain Armitage works his magic in "Young Sheldon"

Iain Armitage of "Young Sheldon"

The new TV season is upon us, including the premiere tomorrow of a spin-off of "The Big Bang Theory" that gives truth to the expression "the child is father of the man." Tracy Smith talks with the star of "Young Sheldon": 

It doesn't take a genius to see that Jim Parson's character Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory" is a crowd-pleaser. So a new series about Sheldon's nerdy childhood might be a no-brainer.

Mom: "How about we lose the bow tie?"
Sheldon: "Why?"
Mom: "Look around, honey. None of the other kids is wearing one."
Sheldon: "Perhaps I'll start a fad."
Mom: "No, you won't. Please trust mommy."

The star of "Young Sheldon" is nine-year-old Iain Armitage

Smith asked, "Had you seen 'The Big Bang Theory' before all of this?"

"Well, it isn't exactly appropriate for me," Armitage said. "So I don't really follow it, no."

"This girl's blouse is diaphanous, which means I can see her brassiere."

Iain's new to the show, but not the spotlight. The son of Broadway actor Euan Morton and producer Lee Armitage, Iain went viral at age six doing Broadway show reviews:

Iain reviews A Doll's House Part 2 (Broadway) 5/9/2017 by IainLovesTheatre on YouTube

But a homemade audition tape, made in his grandmother's living room, changed everything.

"His mom sent us this home video," said Chuck Lorre. "And he just killed it. He's clearly a remarkable talent."

He and fellow showrunner Steven Molaro decided there was no other young man for this part.

Of course, now the pressure is on. But he seems up to it.

Iain Armitage with correspondent Tracy Smith. CBS News

Smith asked, "How do you not get upset if you don't get it right?"

"I'm not exactly not getting upset," Armitage replied.

"But somehow you manage to keep going?"

"Somehow. Just barely."

Armed with his Harry Potter magic wand, Iain's about as normal as a kid with a network TV show can be.

He's partial to the health drink Kombucha, and he already has his eyes on a career away from Hollywood.

"So, what do you think you're gonna be doing in 20, 30 years?" asked Smith.

"Hopefully I'm doing magic tricks in Las Vegas," he said.

Seems like he's making magic already!

To watch a first look at "Young Sherlock," click on the video player below.

Young Sheldon - First Look by CBS on YouTube

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