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Bricks of cocaine wash ashore in Florida after Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian widens, threatens more coast
Hurricane Dorian widens, threatening larger area of coastline 02:52

Hurricane Dorian has brought intense wind and rain to the shores of Florida, but it also brought something unexpected — bricks of cocaine. Police said the suspicious deliveries have started to show up on Florida beaches in the wake of the deadly storm

Police officials in Melbourne, Florida, were alerted by a beachgoer near Paradise Beach Park who saw one of the bricks wash ashore. The officer said the package was "wrapped in a way that is consistent with a kilo of illegal drugs," CBS affiliate KYTX-TV reports

After undergoing testing, police confirmed the package contained cocaine. Written on the outside of the brick was a word beginning with "DIAMANT." 

Just a few hours before, police said another 25 kilos of cocaine washed ashore on the close-by Cocoa Beach. The packages are currently under investigation. 

Written on the outside of the brick was a word beginning with "DIAMANT."  KYTX-TV

Hurricane Dorian was slowly making its way up the Southeast coast Wednesday, hitting much of Florida with strong winds and heavy rain. Dorian was still a strong Category 2 hurricane, but much weaker than it was a few days ago. 

However, the storm has widened, meaning it could reach a much larger area along the coast. In the Bahamas, parts of the nation of low-lying islands were in ruins.

Two more deaths were confirmed overnight, bringing the official total to seven. The country's prime minister said he expects that number to rise.

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