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How's Dotcomguy Doing?

Maybe you've heard of this character. He had a real name and a real job and has given it all up to live his life for a year online....legally changing his name to dotcomguy. Now, after the first month, of living in front of his computer....buying everything he needs online...he says...

"Well, it's been a great experience so far. It's really a lot more interesting than I ever imagined. And it's a bit overwhelming to say the least from what we initially expected."
His living comes from sponsors of his Web site. The rules are....he doesn't leave his wired Dallas apartment and orders everything over the Internet. Everything...

"Sorry. I just got some food delivered. Sorry for getting distracted there."
He can have visitors...and in of his sponsors is now running a contest to win a date with the 26 year old dotcomguy. Entries are done by essay...

"Judges will select three finalists. Those three finalists will participate in an online dating game style chat hosted by the Dish Diva of the Microsoft Network."
With no pictures to look at, Dotcomguy will select a winner who will be flown to Dallas for the big date. Of course...he can't theyll order some food online and maybe play a computer game or watch a movie.

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