How to Succeed Like Craigslist

craig.jpgCraig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster, founder and CEO of Craigslist respectively, know that people want to learn and emulate the secret to their success. Is it their laid-back approach to revenue growth and competition, as CNET wrote about last year? Is it a complete lack of vision and a pliability that puts users in control? Or perhaps it has something to do with Buckmaster's "no meetings" management philosophy.

A simple google search will yield these kind of results, but if you want to prod a little deeper, now is your chance. As Craig noted on his blog, he and Jim will be answering questions users post as comments on Freakonomics. Although not all questions will be published, the ones that are already up there are sure to yield insightful responses.

(Craig Newmark image by Whistling in the Dark)