How to Keep Your Text Messages Private

Last Updated Mar 27, 2008 12:00 PM EDT

sms2.jpgHere in Detroit, we're watching with dismay as Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick faces indictments over an alleged affair -- one that came to light after the discovery of old text messages. Troubling as the situation is, it raises even more troubling questions about SMS privacy: Is there any? Yahoo Tech's Gina Hughes tackles the issue and offers tips on keeping yourself safe from text-message troubles, including:
Don't ever text personal information such as your PIN number, password, or banking information to anyone. Remember, once you send that information to another person, it gets stored in their cell phone and you don't want that.

Put a password on your phone to keep others from accessing your text logs or email. This will also prevent thieves from stealing information stored in your phone.

My advice: Never assume any electronic communications (e-mail, text messages, instant messages, etc.) will be kept private. Once they're sent, they're "out there" for potentially all the world to see. What's your take on all this text-message turmoil? Hit the Comments and go public with your thoughts. Photo by Geenyas4stoopid.
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