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How to get the Steve Jobs biography for free

Simon and Schuster

(CBS) - Not keen on spending the cash for Steve Jobs' biography? FYI, it's $16.99 for the Kindle eBook. Here's a tricky workaround that will get you a free audio version of the Walter Isaacson book "Steve Jobs."

Technology writer Rick Broida made the realization that Audible gives away a free audiobook with a 14-day trial of the service. The selection boasts over 100,000 titles, but the most important one to note is "Steve Jobs."

If you're unfamiliar with Audible, it's sort of like a book club. Members get to download an audiobook a month and get 30 percent off all bookstore purchases.

Audible is owned by Amazon, so you can use your account it sign in and join the service. You'll get charged the monthly $14.95 fee, however, if you don't cancel before the 14-day trail ends. If this is a service that you were already on the fence about, consider this the nudge to get you to join.

The trial offer is a great deal considering the retail value of the "Steve Jobs" audiobook is $34.99. Your pocketbooks will thank you.

There are several ways to listen to Audible. You can download and app for mobile phones like iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, but you can also just burn a CD.

Enjoy your commute! 

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