How to Gently Remind a Customer...

Last Updated Jul 2, 2009 11:52 AM EDT

Customers take action in their own good time and for their own good reasons. Problem is, sometimes you need to give them a "nudge" to get them going, or even to find out what the heck is going on. Every sales professional needs to know the fine art to writing a good "nudge-o-gram." A reader writes:
I work for a manufacturer where I prepare quotes for for project/bid opportunities. Daily I have to email them to ask the status of the project/bid, e.g., did they win it, lose it, still in the running, reasons for delays, etc. I am having trouble coming up with the best email and am asking your help in writing a better email. Can you help?
The reader sent me an example of the letter that he sends. Here is that example, with two rewrites. Which one do you think will be the most effective:
  • REMINDER #1: "John, it's been ** days since our last meeting and I'm trying to get a feel for what the team here might need to deliver. By any chance do you have some news about the ABC project? I realize you've got a lot on your plate, but anything that you could share would be appreciated. Sincerely, James"
  • REMINDER #2:"John, I've got my manager breathing down my neck for a forecast. I was hoping you might have some good news about the ABC project, or could give me some idea where it's at right now. Can you help me out with a quick update? I'd really appreciate it. Anxiously, Jim"
  • REMINDER #3: "Mr. Doe, I am following up on the ABC project & quote I sent you. Do you know the award date? Are we still in the running? As well, do you need any additional support on the project? Best regards, James Smith"

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