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How To Do Account Planning: Video

Here's another top-notch video from Ian Gilbert, CEO of the British sales training firm ThirdCore. Here he explains exactly how to do account planning, adding some tips from some of the most successful salespeople in the world. His message jives exactly with what I've heard from many top sales reps, but he's got a very clear way of communicating it. (I've included a summary to help make the video more useful.)

Here's a summary of what Ian had to say:

  • STEP 1: Write a short account plan. Be sure to include key elements of strategy and intelligence. Map the relationships, key players, and view of the playing field.
  • STEP 2: Use colleagues to improve the plan. Review your account plan every two weeks with others outside the account. Hone your strategic approach and get inputs on how to move forward.
  • STEP 3. Involve the client in strategy-building. Formally invite high level customer executives to account planning meetings and informally get each client contact to help in your planning.
  • STEP 4. Remain a little paranoid. Document at worst-case scenarios, things that can go wrong, and make plans to handle problems if they come up. Don't let "positive thinking" lose you the sale.
READERS: Are these summaries useful? They take me a little extra time, but if they're something you want, I'll start adding them when I can.