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How digital tools are impacting the workplace

Digital technology in the workplace 02:23

A new Pew Research Center survey finds many American workers believe their digital tools are important, but that same technology is leading them to work longer hours.

Forty-six percent of Americans feel more productive because of the Internet, email and cell phones, while just 7 percent feel their productivity has dropped.

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Perhaps surprisingly, a third of those surveyed found their landlines phones to be very useful.

"I don't use mine that much. I use my mobile phone a lot more and I think a lot of other people do too but people are still hanging on to those landlines," CNET editor Dan Ackerman said on CBSN. "You get voicemail on them, conference calling. It's just like there's a fax machine somewhere in the back of every office."

Only a few, however, found social media to be very important to their jobs.

And with so much workplace technology, there are concerns as to whether some could be more of a distraction than help.

"It definitely is a distraction for a lot of people. I think we all see that in person, especially people on their phones all day at work or surfing the Internet," said Ackerman "But people generally don't admit to it."

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