How a Marine's call led to a 60 Minutes story

In 2009, a story about Golf Company Marines aired on 60 Minutes. Two months later, the producer got a phone call from a Marine -- and he knew the story wasn't over

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60 Minutes producer Henry Schuster first met the men of Golf Company in 2009 when he and Scott Pelley embedded with the unit in Afghanistan for three weeks. They were there when the Marines first came to grips with the terrible loss of seven of their men, killed trying to clear and hold the Taliban stronghold.

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Two months after the report aired, Schuster's phone rang -- and he knew the story wasn't over. One of the Marines of Golf Company, Devin Jones, was on the line.

"Devin is calling me to tell me he can't sleep," Schuster tells 60 Minutes Overtime. "He's really having trouble adjusting. It's just been horrible since he's been back. He doesn't say the words post-traumatic stress disorder, but everything he's describing sounds like PTSD."

That phone call led to Schuster's second story on Golf Company, called "Coming Home," filmed five years later. Jones had inspired Schuster to learn what had become of the men since they'd returned home. But for Jones, the passage of time did little to lessen his grief over the loss of fallen comrades.

"You can't leave it behind," Jones said. "Just like physical injuries. You know? They're not going anywhere. Just accept them. Learn how to live life with them."

For Schuster, the 60 Minutes report "Coming Home" serves as a reminder to America of the cost of war.

"America seems to have moved on from Afghanistan. If you ask most people, they don't know that we still have men and women serving there," Schuster said. "They think Afghanistan is over. So you want to go back. You want to see how these men are doing. But you also want to remind people that you sent them to Afghanistan."

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Editor's Note: This segment was originally published on March 8, 2015.