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House GOP Frames Opposition In Partisan Terms

A new e-mail blast from House Republican leadership lays out the way they intend to frame their opposition to the current plan being negotiated. The objections reflect concerns raised by John McCain, with an emphasis on fighting against "pork-barrel provisions." 

The GOP also argues that the plan is a sop to traditional Democratic allies such as ACORN, Big Labor and the trial lawyer lobby. 

Two of the three listed objections are aimed at a provision that would send some of the profits from the plan — if there are any — to affordable housing programs, largely because some of that money would go to Democratic ally ACORN, an organization many in the GOP hold in contempt and claim is corrupt and inefficient.

The House Republicans also expressed their objection to a "cramdown" provision that would allow bankruptcy judges to renogiate mortgages to keep people in their homes. The problem here: trial lawyers would cash in, notes the GOP leadership. Big Labor, too, is said to be given too much power over corporate governance in the bill.

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