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Hottest, fastest, priciest cars at the NY Auto Show

The sexiest sports cars at the 2015 New York ... 01:42

When CNET editor at large Tim Stevens got to the New York International Auto Show he saw plenty of cars with reasonable price tags and practical features.

These are not those cars.

No, these cars are turning heads at more than 300 miles an hour, and burning through pockets while they're at it.

Here are his picks for the three coolest, hottest, fastest, sexiest sports cars at this year's auto show.

Maserati GranTurismo MC Centennial Edition

The lowdown: The centennial branding means it's customized from the wheels to the interior and offered in a stunning fiery red. MC means it's got a tighter suspension that makes it more track-friendly.

The specs: 454 horsepower, V8 engine

The price: $165,000

McLaren 570S

The lowdown: Making its global debut at the auto show and packed with "high-tech wizardry," the 570S is, in Stevens' high esteem, faster, more fun and definitely more orange. It's also a steal, comparatively. Other McLaren models go for upward of $1 million.

The specs: 570 horsepower, V8 engine

The price: $185,000

Aston Martin Vulcan

The lowdown: "The ultimate expression of speed," according to Stevens, the Aston Martin Vulcan offers a "raw, visceral driving experience" that makes the driver feel more connected to the car. In fact, Stevens says, it's so hard to drive that the company makes you spend time in a simulator before it will unlock the full horsepower for you.

The specs: 800 horsepower, V12 engine

The price: $2.2 million

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