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Hot Accessories

In part three of our "Focus on Fashion" series, The Saturday Early Show took a look at the hottest accessories for summer.

The editors at Glamour magazine selected the best accessories of the season and deputy editor Alison Brower brought some of them to the show.

Brower says hip, but affordable, accessories can be found everywhere this season. Retailers are offering items for less money, and the looks inspired by designers are getting better. So you don't need a lot of cash to buy the "in" accessories this season.

Bright Bags:
Brower says bright colors are definitely in style this season. Also, prints are huge in clothing. So try following the trend of using floral, Hawaiian, Pucci-inspired, stripes, preppy and ethnic prints that are also bright.

Brower demonstrated the following bags:

Green Floral Hawaiian Print/Reversible, Target, $8
Orange Preppy Classic, JC Penney, $25
Blue Pucci-Like, Old Navy, $16.50

Straw Totes:
This is a classic, never out of style for spring/summer. Brower says the totes are perfect if you're not into bright colors. They're great for the beach, but straw totes are also appropriate styles for work or eveningwear.

Brower showed the following two straw totes:

Bag with Fabric (casual), Target, $13
Bag with Black Piping (stylized), JC Penney, $50

Printed "Post Card" Canvas Bag

Brower says these bags are great to tote all your work papers around, or your beach gear. The bags, throwbacks to the 1950s, are made with colorful paintings, beads and sequins.

Brower showed a bag from Target, $13

Flip Flops
This season, flip flops aren't just for the beach - they're everywhere.

Brower says flip flops are must-haves for spring and summer. You will find them in a wide variety of materials, including plastic jellies, woven, jeweled and velvet.

You can wear flip flops with jeans, sundresses or minis.

Brower showed the following flip flops:

Pink Hawaiian, JC Penney, $12
Orange Jeweled from Lisa Chiccine, $75
Tan with colored stones from JC Penney, $14
Lime rubber from Target, $2.50

A fall trend that has spilled into summer: jeweled/gold/silver brooch accessories. This ladylike look is a perfect way to dress up a tank top, a cardigan, a jeans jacket and a shift dress.

Brower showed jeweled brooches from Banana Republic; prices from $32 to $38.

Color on your wrist is a perfect way to add a splash of "chic" to any look. Classic colors work but, Brower says, so do bright bracelets. The editor suggests wearing bracelets with a white tank-top and jeans.

Browers showed colorful bracelets with ribbons from Banana Republic, $18.

This summer, pearls with very modern touches have been seen everywhere. Brower says people are mixing and matching casual with dressy pieces more than ever. This style is also a carry-over from the fall. For summer, wear pearls with t-shirt and jeans and tanks. Any length works - choker, opera, etc.

Browers showed white pearls from Claire's; prices from $5 to $10.

Beaded jewelry is hip. Browers says as we go into fall, beaded earrings will be huge, but a little slimmer and longer. So, when buying earrings this summer, think ethnic, big and beaded.

Browers showed earrings from both JC Penney and Claire's; prices from $7 to $15.

Chic and good for your eyes and the skin around them, sunglasses are must-haves. Currently, Browers says, the trend is big plastic sunglasses with black and tortoise frames.

Browers showeded sunglasses from JC Penney, $22.

Beach Mat Tote
This is just a fun accessory, says Browers. It is a two-in-one function tote. The large beach mat rolls up with a pocket that can hold sunscreen, magazines or shades.

Browers showed a beach mat tote from Old Navy, $8.50.

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