Claire Danes on what's in store in "Homeland" season 6

Claire Danes on "Homeland"

Homeland,” Showtime’s number one drama series, is gearing up for the sixth season premiere this weekend. Emmy-winning actress Claire Danes plays CIA agent Carrie Mathison, now an advocate for Muslims living in America.

In the last season, Mathison had just helped avoid a terrorist attack in Berlin, and the new season picks up several months later. Danes assures that her character hasn’t softened.

“We find her well-medicated this season, so that’s good,” Danes told “CBS This Morning” Friday. “But there’s still plenty of chaos in her life.”

Claire Danes on her character's shift in "Homeland"

The actress shared what’s ahead in the latest season, including the fate of CIA operative Peter Quinn, who’s suffered a stroke.

“So Quinn survives,” Danes said, but gave away nothing more.

Danes brushed away any possibility of a romantic relationship between the two characters.

“Well they’re inextricably linked, but it was never -- their fate was not to be romantically linked,” Danes said. “I think that there’s a deep intimacy between the two of them and I think they’re a little too similar in some ways for that to ever really work.”

The series has filmed in cities like Cape Town, Tel Aviv and Berlin. Now, it takes on the Big Apple, where Danes resides.

“I think we were a little weary and wanted to be in a place that was more familiar,” Danes said. “New York is obviously relevant to our story and you know, it’s really… where the injury happened, you know… That’s when this phenomenon – that’s where it began.”

In another spoiler, Danes said Carrie’s mentor, Saul Berenson, has also survived into the sixth season. Saul is played by Mandy Patinkin, who described acting with Danes as “playing one-on-one with Michael Jordan.”

“Well, that’s a little hyperbolic, but thank you, I’ll take it,” Danes responded. “That’s very sweet and yeah, makes me very uncomfortable but I adore him and it’s a great privilege.”

Danes also spoke about the parallels between the show and the real world. This season focus on the aftermath of a presidential election, which Danes said was both “intentional” and “serendipitous.”

Danes said her favorite thing about starring in the Showtime series is visiting the CIA’s headquarters in Virginia. Every year, the cast visits for about a week, interviewing various individuals in the intelligence community. One of the show’s writers, the late Henry Bromell, has personal ties to the CIA, as both his father and cousin have worked for the agency.

Danes said Bromell’s cousin now “curates a collection of people who are able to educate” the cast about “what’s most relevant.”

You can catch the sixth season premiere of “homeland” on Showtime Sunday, January 15th.