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Holiday Overload

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Do you ever read the "My Turn" column in Newsweek? Basically it allows anyone the opportunity to have their say in one full page near the front of the magazine. It's prime space and more often than not, it's one of the best things in the book.

Last week Sarah Stratton, a young mother from Colorado, added to the chorus of people at least trying to suggest we slow down the holiday. For those of us who celebrate it, we often feel more enslaved than joyful. Sarah tells of how the once relaxed day just became more and more demanding; about opening presents in a frenzy. And finally, after she had kids — and here's one of the best lines I've ever heard or read — she said it looked as if a mall had puked in her living room.

Do any of us really look forward to this? Are we doing our children any favors by dumping all this junk on them? But, it's only once a year you cry. Yeah, once too often.

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By Harry Smith