Holiday gift ideas from Techno Claus 2013

(CBS News) Who's that coming down the chimney? Why, it's a thinly-disguised David Pogue, of Yahoo News, offering up gadgets and gizmos that'll sparkle under the tree:

Does flying a sleigh seem like fun? Ho ho ho!
Ten thousand feet up, it's like 20 below!
 But never mind that. It is I, Techno Claus,
Suggesting tech gifts -- if my mouth ever thaws.

He makes the Christmas tree lights go on and off.

We all know I'm magical, true -- but this trick
Relies on a little home-networking brick.
Whatever's plugged in, you control with your phone,
You can even put things on a schedule, as shown.
To scare off the burglars when you are away;
And track how much energy's gobbled each day.

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch ($60)

So how do you trigger your camera? Like that?
By pushin' a button? That's boring and flat!
The TriggerTrap cable connects to an app
And lets you take shots with a shout! Or a clap!
Or set for vibrations -- take shots of your cat!
Or let it count faces, for group shots -- like that!
And time-lapse! If artistry is your intent,
The cord beats this button, one thousand percent.

TriggerTrap ($30)

Suppose there's a song that you love in your cans,
And you wish you could share it with some of your fans!
With this pair of headphones, you'd better not pout:
They turn into speakers when they're inside-out!
The sound either way -- it's not top of the line.
But for children or teenagers? Probably fine.

Flips Audio Headphones ($120)

And speaking of music, they call this the Pill
It's portable. Great for the beach or the grill!
It's Bluetooth, you see. Takes the tunes from your phone.
The quality's great! You hear every trombone!

Beats Pill ($200)

On this one, the volume is not quite as strong
But look, it's much smaller, so take it along.
The battery goes for ten hours on a charge,
Though Jambox is Mini, the impact is large.

Mini Jambox ($180)

A lot of great stuff is still shown on TV;
Great movies and comedies, and, of course, me!
But millions of people are managing fine
Exclusively watching what's offered online.
The Chromecast receiver plugs in your TV,
And boom! A whole world of new shows to see.
Your phone's the remote; it's all awfully nice.
Especially when you consider the price!

Google Chromecast ($35)

A vacuum? You might wonder, how is this tech?
And Techno Claus using it? Hey, what the heck!
But this one is cordless and powerful! See?
And lightweight. And flexible! Don't you agree?
It uses less juice than its rivals -- nice touch!
And hooks to your laptop to show you how much.

GTech AirRam ($350)

Hey listen. it's late, so that's prob'ly enough.
Merry Christmas to you -- and to all of your stuff!