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Hillary Clinton's Scooby van spotted Tuesday evening near Cedar Rapids

At about 7:30 central time, my producer, John Nolen, and I spotted Hillary Clinton's Scooby van parked in front of Ced Rel Supper Club on U.S. 30 in rural Iowa, about six miles west of Cedar Rapids.

Ced Rel is a small, family-owned restaurant, known for its steak, and it opened back in the 1930s. It's furnished with red leather banquettes and a small bar.

When we arrived, Clinton was dining in a back private room guarded by Secret Service agents. Servers here told us she and her entourage arrived around 5:30 p.m., after calling ahead to alert the restaurant Tuesday afternoon.

Clinton first had drinks (she had tomato juice with lemon, while others sipped iced tea) with a group of about seven people. Clinton mostly discussed politics and what she wants to do for the country.

After that party left, Clinton had dinner with a party of about eight, mostly women. Servers guessed they were Iowans who are active in Democratic politics. Clinton ordered grilled shrimp and vegetables.

After dinner, the candidate signed autographs and took photos near the bar with the owner's family, including several kids. As Clinton left, we asked her how her first full day of campaigning had gone. She answered, "Wonderful!"

And then the Scooby Van rolled out into the night. It was about 8:00p.m.

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