Shadowed by email controversy, Clinton unloads on Trump's "scams"

Clinton unloads on Trump
Clinton unloads on Trump 02:43

With the tightening race to the White House, Hillary Clinton unloaded on Donald Trump Tuesday, attacking his vague plans, demeanor and business practices, and arguing he’s being held to reality star standards even though he’s running for president, reports CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes.

“He says he has a secret plan to stop ISIS. The secret is he has no plan,” Clinton said.

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Clinton likened Trump Tuesday to a two-bit scam artist who’s trying to hide shady business dealings. 

““The list goes on and on, the scams, the frauds, the questionable relationships...” Clinton said.

Clinton made her feelings known again Tuesday night when reporters on her new campaign plane wrote her a question on an orange, and rolled it down the aisle to first class: “Who would you rather have dinner with, Trump or Putin?”

A campaign aide rolled it back with Clinton’s answer circled “Putin.”

In Durham, former President Bill Clinton went after the Trump’s foundation, for illegally donating $25,000 to a group with ties to a key official.

“I got tickled the other day when Mr. Trump called my foundation a criminal enterprise,” Bill Clinton said. “He made a political donation to the Attorney General of Florida who, at the time, had her office investigating Trump University. And mysteriously, the investigation vanished!”

But Clinton could have her own investigations to worry about. A top House Republican, Jason Chaffetz​, sent a letter to the U.S. attorney in D.C., urging him to examine why a computer specialist “deleted Secretary Clinton’s email archives in March of 2015,” even after a “congressional subpoena” had been issued.
“What did she do or not do with those documents? I want to get to the truth because the proximity and the timeline is just stunning,” Chaffetz told CNN.

Clinton accused Chaffetz of scandal mongering.

“I believe I have created so many jobs in the sort of conspiracy theory machine factory because honestly they never quit,” Clinton said.

Clinton was asked Monday and Tuesday why those emails were deleted when they were, and she claimed she didn’t know anything about how it happened, even though it happened a year and a half ago.