Hilarious and possibly too relatable "Human Test"

(CBS News) For those not familiar with Ze Frank, he is a very funny and often insightful creator of amazing online content (some of which I can't post on The Feed, and makes me sad, but we're a family-friendly, no-major-cursing-allowed blog). First off, shame on those not familiar with his work! With that out of the way, he's back with a wonderful new piece above that tests to find out if you're human or not. So click play, answer the questions honestly (maybe not out loud) and see.

So are you human or did you just have that, "Oh, no, I'm actually a Cylon moment!" happen? (really hoping most of you got that reference)  I'll throw out that your blogger here is indeed human, and answered "yes" to way too many of the questions. Just being honest with you all.

We last featured Ze Frank here on The Feed with some "helpful advice" on how to connect on a human level during a job interview. You're wondering why I put quotes around the phrase? Because while you probably wouldn't end up getting the job by following the advice, you would likely get through years of personal issues in one single sitting and save on the cost of therapy. Well, unless not having a job happened to be your major issue, of course. Another hilarious and introspective video by Ze Frank that has earned him a big triple-rainbow salute of laughing-through-the-tears insight from all of us here at The Feed! And if you'd like to check out more amazing work by Ze Frank, be sure to visit his website by clicking here.