How to connect "on a human level" in a job interview (and probably not get the job)

(CBS News) I'm sure some of you out there who read The Feed (hopefully every single day) are looking for a job or, if gainfully employed, to possibly change your current one. And for those of you I say, do not under any circumstances attempt to do what you see in the above video. Got it? Are you sure?  Good. Now go ahead and watch how to connect "on a human level" in a job interview and get ready to laugh and possibly cry at the same time.

Okay, isn't there just a tiny part of you that wishes you could actually say something like this during an interview? Nope, just me? Ummmmm... yeah, nevermind, I didn't really mean that at all. Yeah, I totally got you there! Hahaha... Sob.  Where were we, again? Oh, that's right, talking about this great answer to a viewer question by YouTube user Ze Frank, who may not have gotten the imaginary job, but who has charmed his way into the hearts of all of us here at The Feed. To check out more work by Ze Frank, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.