Higgins Armory Diversion

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The latest CBS News Sunday Morning Diversion heads to Worcester, Mass. and the Higgins Armory Museum, where Knights in shining armor live on, or at least the armor does.

Used for sport, ceremony and, of course, on the battlefield, armor with head to toe protection didn't guarantee survival, as some poor fellows found out.

From Roman Gladiators to Crusaders of the Middle Ages, every piece of armor in the Higgins Armory Museum is from the period they were created in.

Generally speaking, armor is about 50 pounds," says Kent Russell, director of the Higgins Armory Museum. "You had to be enormously fit and athletic to wear the stuff."

Conservator Bill MacMillan is preparing some of the Higgins collection, which was founded by collector John Woodman Higgins, for a traveling exhibition.

"You know it's more than just a pile of steel shaped into a nice form," says MacMillan. "It's craftsmanship, it's history, it's social structure and you try and capture all of that when you work on a piece and present it."

Armor was even made for children and dogs.

In Worcester, MASS., armor for all ages.