Hey Rush: Call Huck

From CBS News' Joy Lin:

SIOUX CITY, IOWA – Mike Huckabee told reporters today he'd like talk to Rush Limbaugh after the prominent radio host expressed outrage this week over reports that an "unidentified Huckabee supporter in Washington" said Limbaugh "doesn't think for himself" and is an "entertainer."

Huckabee said he didn't know who it was that had upset Limbaugh.

"All I can do is hope Rush will love me as much as I love Rush. Cause I think he's terrific and he's been a very clarion voice for the conservative movement. Somebody said something that upset him. I don't know who and I don't know what. I cannot fix what I don't know."

Limbaugh criticized the former Arkansas governor for "defining who is or who is not conservative." Limbaugh said Huckabee portrayed himself as anti-elite when in fact he sided with elites.

"It's the elites who want open borders, not middle America. It's the elites who want higher taxes -- and this is Huckabee's campaign" said Limbaugh. "It's elites who want to talk to the Iranian regime, not middle America. It's the elites soft on crime, want to release criminals from prison, not middle America. If we can choose a candidate who is pro-life and anti-same-sex marriage and good on national security, illegal immigration, taxes, and spending, why shouldn't we choose that candidate?"

Huckabee has tried to defend himself from opponents who have portrayed him as a tax hiker, an illegal immigrant supporter, and soft on crime.

He called Limbaugh one of the "great voices of our generation" with a "common sense voice."

Asked if he would speak with Limbaugh, Huckabee said he did not have his number and asked the journalist for it.

"Maybe put it on the web," Huckabee suggested.

"If he'll call me, I'd love to visit with him, cause I'd certainly love to clarify if there is any issue there. I think he's a person who would probably love to see my candidacy to succeed if he knew me."