Hey, Barack, Hillary: It's Spring Break!

What should the presidential candidates do next? Contributor Mo Rocca has some suggestions:

Barack Obama has got to be really annoyed with Hillary Clinton right now.

Everything was rolling along. Obama's nomination work was almost done. He must have been counting on a little R & R with Michelle and the girls. But the only thing he had to hope for was good weather.

Then Clinton went and won Ohio, Rhode Island and the primary portion of Texas' bizarre-o "prima-caucus" (which sounds like an annual exam for men over 50). Suddenly there's a whole lot more work to do before Pennsylvania's April 22nd primary.

Yes, looks like someone is missing spring break this year.

Spring break is the American vacation ritual made famous by MTV. Exhausted college kids worn out from months of rigorous partying on campus go south for a week of rigorous partying in the sun before they return tanned and reenergized for a couple more months of partying on campus.

Of course, grown-ups need to get their batteries recharged, too.

If you work too much - and Americans by and large do - the edges begin dulling. The wear and tear starts showing. You get worse at your job.

That goes for candidates, too. These guys have been at it for a year! They need to give themselves, their families, and most of all us a break.

Take a week off. Turn off the BlackBerries! Go lie on the beach.

No, there are no beaches in Scranton! [Hey, I know a fabulous ranch in Crawford, Texas that's great for vacations.]

John McCain had it right: Wrap up the nomination early, then relax. I don't expect to see him featured on "Republicans Gone Wild." But I do expect John McCain's spring break to do him some good before the real battle begins.

So come on, Barack, change it up and take a break. Hey, Hillary: experience Cancun! You're both tired!

Frankly, so are we.