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Hey AP: Take This Test

It's time for another of our multiple-answer quizzes here at Bnet, where you try to guess the rest of a news headline from the Associated Press beyond the four words AP asserts is the new limit we can publish for free. Cathy Taylor launched the first one earlier this week, and even though I had looked through that same set of headlines earlier, I still managed to get one answer wrong.

So, don't be shy, take the test, and remember, we are not doing this simply to have a good time, but because we feel a responsibility to demonstrate just how ludicrous the AP's new policy actually is in the age of hypertext links:

1. The latest craze: Free
(a) is a best-seller for Anderson

(b) e-books offerings

(c) food coupons online

2. Odd tricycle mapping Paris
(a) Hilton's movements in promotion

(b) streets for Google

(c) streets for upcoming marathon

3.Gov't reassures schools on
(a) staying open with flu

(b) stimulus funds by September

(c) new e-book ruling

4. GOP sources: Sen. Martinez
(a) to resign

(b) to switch parties

(c) to run for President in 2012

5. How a denial-of-
(a) coverage ruined one family

(b) access led to senseless murder

(c) service attack works

6. Sprint and Samsung launch
(a) new satellite for wireless

(b) biodegradable phone

(c) subsidiary in South Koea

7. Police: 37 die in
(a) train crash in India

(b) Iraq as bombs target Shiites

(c) Afghanistan roadside attack

8. Investors finally find good
(a) news on unemployment

(b) returns in mutual funds

(c) way to cash in their 'clunkers'

9. Amid recession, US births
(a) rose 2 percent in 2008

(b) held steady in 2008

(c) dropped 2 percent in 2008

10. Delta will cut more
(a) routes

(b) flights

(c) management jobs

The answers are:

1. (b)

2. (b)

3. (a)

4. (a)

5. (c)

6. (b)

7. (b)

8. (a)

9. (c)

10. (c)

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