Herman Cain: Americans should cut back on fast food

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is interviewed by CBSNews.com's Brian Montopoli, June 8, 2011.
CBS News

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza and a former Burger King and Coca Cola executive, told Hotsheet Wednesday that Americans should cut back on fast food - but that the government shouldn't make them do so.

It was noted to Cain that he has worked for "the sorts of corporations that have been giving us food and soda that nutritionists say has contributed to to an obesity epidemic."

"I'm wondering if you think Americans need to cut back on fast food, on sugary sodas," he was asked.

"Yes, but it's their decision," he said. "I don't believe the government ought to mandate those kinds of things." Cain said the decision is up to the consumer.

"We've had extensive labeling laws where companies have been forced, and in some instances they did it voluntarily, to let consumers know what's in there," he added. "I don't believe it is the role of the federal government or the government to tell consumers what they ought to buy, how they ought to buy it. Let the marketplace work it out."

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