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Help Scout's CEO: 'I Couldn't Do My Job Without...'

Ever wonder what apps and gear busy entrepreneurs use to boost their productivity, stay organized, and maintain their sanity? In our ongoing series, we ask company CEOs, founders, and other influential business folks to reveal their tech essentials.
The entrepreneur: Nick Francis, founder and CEO of Help Scout.
The business: Help Scout enables teams to share an email inbox and stay on the same page. It's useful for customer service or managing almost any form of catch-all email between two or more people.

The tech tool that makes his life easier: "Dropbox. It's not only the epitome of a cloud storage tool that 'just works,' but also great for team collaboration. Our company shares everything using Dropbox, from financial statements to design comps. It creates a level of transparency between us that's really been a huge positive for the business.

"I've always heard there's an inversely proportional relationship between how simple a product is to use and the level of complexity that goes into creating that experience. Dropbox is a great example of that. As an entrepreneur, I find their product execution and focus truly inspiring."

The specs: Dropbox offers online storage and file-syncing. You can get a free 2GB account; premium accounts (with more space) start at $9.99 monthly. (Here's how to get more free storage from Dropbox.)

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