​Help is slow to reach hard-hit areas of Nepal

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BHAKTAPUR, Nepal - As the death toll from the earthquake in Nepal passed 5,000, there are siogns help isn't reaching hard-hit areas fast enough.

The damage in Bhaktapur is so severe the only way to the center of town is over the mounds of rubble left behind when the ground shook. Many of the houses here were centuries old and not built to withstand earthquakes. The tremors toppled them like dominoes, leaving street after street of devastation.

We passed the wreckage of a demolished house where people had been digging for nearly three days. Bimal Twnabasu's mother was inside when it collapsed, and the rescue workers say there's no hope she'll be found alive.

Search crews dig through the rubble of a home that collapse during the earthquake in Nepal CBS News

We found a search team from China who told us it suspects there's a dead body under the wreckage because of the smell.

The Chinese have specialist equipment, and are experienced in earthquake zone, but the Nepalese police they're working with don't even have gloves.

Nepal -- one of the poorest countries in the world -- wasn't prepared for a disaster on this scale and now its people are paying the price.

Bhawani Ranji CBS News

In a small Buddhist temple we discovered 40 families who set up camp. They all lost their homes in the quake. They say they're running short of food and Bhawani Ranjit told us they're also growing frustrated.

"We are not getting any help," said Ranjit. "We are waiting for the help, but no one is looking for us to help."

Nepal's earthquake survivors are in desperate need of aid, but precious little has gotten through. Many of the affected areas are so remote, we still don't have a complete picture of what happened there. But Nepal's Prime Minister said Tuesday that the final death toll could reach 10,000.