Hello, Daylight-Saving Time!

Ushering In A New Season

Daylight-saving time is here, and for me it's not a moment too soon.

I'm among the millions of people that all that darkness really gets to.

I'm talking about, in the middle of winter, dark when I drive my son to school at 7, and, dark around 4 in the afternoon. That's about 15 hours of darkness a day. Dark and cold; there's a combo.

Of course, in some parts of the world, Alaska or the Arctic Circle, I think, certain times of the year, you have to keep a sharp eye to spot any daylight.

I'm not quite in the group that get those special lights because of Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD.

Have you heard about SAD? It's a depression that comes from too much darkness. Of course, it happens mostly in the winter.

You would have fatigue, sleep disturbance, a strong desire for carbohydrates, potatoes, bread, that kind of thing and social withdrawal. I have that all year round.

Light therapy is recommended, so some people use artificial light boxes. Treatment runs up to six hours a day. Six hours of light therapy!? There goes the day! But I guess that's the point.

If I've got this right, it's the Earth's position on its axis that determines the number of hours of light in a day, and man certainly can't change that.

So I'm not trying to mess around with the Earth or its axis, for that matter. I'm just saying it's been pretty dark out there for a long time, and personally I'm thrilled daylight-saving is finally back.