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Video: Lava swallows car as Hawaii's Kilauea volcano leaves path of destruction

Hawaii's volcano emergency evacuations
Volcano alert urges Hawaii's Big Island residents to get out 03:05

Lava flowing from the Kilauea volcano has consumed telephone poles, trees and homes and destroyed at least 35 buildings since it started erupting late last week. A cameraman captured video of the destruction over the weekend, showing how it even swallowed a car. 

In the video, lava creeps slowly across a roadway toward a white Ford Mustang. The flow eventually reaches -- and ignites -- the vehicle.

In another portion of the video, lava easily pushes through a gate as vegetation burns on either side of what appears to be a road or driveway. 

Two new cracks spewing lava and gas opened up Monday on Hawaii's Big Island. Authorities warned people to remain cautious in the face of the volcano, which has spewed lava and toxic gas through at least 12 fissures in Leilani Estates in Pahoa, where more than 1,700 residents have been evacuated, CBS News' Carter Evans reported. 

The once lush landscape now looks more like a blackened moonscape after nothing in the lava's path was spared.  

"Everyone knows that it's not over," said Hawaii Governor David Ige.

Monday, however, also brought a much-needed break. The eruptions slowed down, and authorities allowed evacuees to return to their homes to pack their most essential items. 

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