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Halloween Trumps Midterm Elections

The contentious midterm elections are a few days away, the Rally to Restore Sanity is on tap for tomorrow and politicians of every stripe are appealing for votes across the country. The election is dominating the headlines and airwaves, but apparently it's is not garnering much attention from people searching on Google today. 

According to Google Trends, as of 11:00 AM ET, the American mood has shifted fullbore to Halloween, with a smattering of the World Series, the NBA and celebrity gossip.  Politics is practically a no show, except for a few topics--the activist "stomped" by a Rand Paul volunteer earlier this week  and the California elections.

As explained by Google, Hot Searches "highlights searches that experience sudden surges in popularity, and updates that information hourly." Hot Topics is a snapshot gleaned by Google's servers from what is buzzing in the news and on Twitter and other sources.

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