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Halle Berry chugs whiskey on stage at Comic-Con

Halle Berry takes drinking games very seriously, apparently. She proved that while promoting her upcoming film "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" at San Diego Comic-Con.

Berry was joined onstage in Hall H by her co-stars from the film, including Taron Egerton, Pablo Pascal, Colin Firth, Jeff Bridges and Channing Tatum -- who brought along a bottle of whiskey to share with the panel. Tatum poured out shots for the actors, but gave Berry a pint glass filled more than half way.

When a fan asked her if "Kingsman" or James Bond was more quintessentially British, Berry -- a veteran of both franchises -- demured. As she tried to pass the question along to Firth, Tatum asked if she could drink instead of responding.

"Why do I have this much and they have that much, is what I want to know," Berry asked.

After some goading from her fellow panelists and the audience, Berry rose and downed the glass before grimacing and pretending to fall over.

"'Kingsman' and Fox films would like to remind you to drink responsibly, not like Halle Berry," moderator Jonathan Ross said.

Halle Berry Chugs A PINT OF WHISKEY At The Kingsman The Golden Circle Comic Con Panel by Flicks and the city on YouTube
Ned Ehrbar

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