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 This past weekend, the world's leading hair transplant surgeons gathered in Orlando, Fla., to discuss a cure for baldness and to showcase their transplant techniques. On Tuesday, Early Show Health Correspondent Dr. Emily Senay reports on the latest findings.

Among options discussed, the leading techniques are:

  • Gene therapy -- The doctors agree the best hope for a cure will come through gene therapy, perhaps in the next decade. If that's little consolation for those thinning now, the good news is there is progress.

  • Hair Transplants -- Patients who choose this route can receive an increasingly "natural" appearance by taking advantage of cutting edge technology. However, be advised this is pricey (between $2-$6 thousand).

    Two such treatments are:

    • Follicular regeneration: Literally splitting hairs and transplanting the bisected hair to achieve a lighter, more natural looking hair line.

    • The Mangubut cutter: A cutting board that helps surgeons mass produce the hair grafts, making surgery much more efficient.

For men who want to keep the hair they have, the experts recommend a costly cocktail of both rogain and propecia. They agree that patients that use both are doing better than those that use one or the other.
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