Hailee Steinfeld on Golden Globe nod for new movie, "The Edge of Seventeen"

Hailey Steinfeld received a happy belated birthday surprise Monday, when she found out she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her latest movie, “The Edge of Seventeen.”

The actress and singer, who turned 20 over the weekend, stars as Nadine – a teenager who thinks her world is ending when her best friend begins dating her brother. Her role has also earned her two Critics’ Choice nominations.

“I actually was on a plane on my way here, which was almost more stressful because I found out and then we literally took off minutes later. It was like all of this craziness was going on... and then I couldn’t do anything about it for a couple of hours,” Steinfeld told “CBS This Morning” Tuesday.

Steinfeld said she connected with the movie because she felt it was a “real and honest” representation of the lives of teenagers today.  

“I read contemporary pieces in the past and I’ve always felt slightly off about them and I could never ever really figure out why,” Steinfeld told “CBS This Morning” Tuesday. “I read this and it just felt like an honest interpretation of what being a teenager feels like today, with the influence of social media and how that affects who we are, and how we meet people, and what other people think of us.”

Steinfeld described “The Edge of Seventeen” as a “coming-of-age” story for all the teens portrayed in the film. The movie weaves in humor, while also depicting some heavy issues.

“One thing that is also incredible about this movie is that it really walks that tight rope of… playing a character that is really funny and witty and quick, but is so fragile and so, sort of broken inside,” Steinfeld said.

The movie has drawn comparisons to other teen classics like “The Breakfast Club” and “Sweet Sixteen,” which Steinfeld called “an honor.”

Steinfeld reaped success early -- at just 14 years old, the actress earned an Oscar nomination for her first film, “True Grit.” Despite her early career in Hollywood, Steinfeld said she did not feel that she’d missed out on growing up.

While she realized she’ll never have the typical high school experience that her older brother had – like going to prom and homecoming --  she said she feels “like I made up for it.”

And she arguably has, with her double success in acting and singing. She discussed her desire to empower others with her songs, as with her hit song, “Love Myself.” 

“I definitely had social issues growing up, as I still do, as I think you do throughout your life no matter who you are or how old you are or what you do,” Steinfeld said. “And I have found that very few people can speak about it. And to have a voice and have people that are willing to listen to me to spread a message like ‘love myself,’ is not only something I wanted to give to people, but something I did need myself.’”